The Loop


What is the loop?

The Loop is a Tech noir thriller concerning a dark web platform where strangers anonymously trade murders.

50% of murders in the United States go unsolved.

How can that be?

There are many theories, but none quite as convincing as The Loop.

It is theorized that hidden in the depths of the dark web there is a platform that allows Strangers to anonymously trade murders.

They call this platform: The Loop.

With perfect anonymity, secrecy, and security, USERS can lower anyone’s life expectancy to 24 hours.


The Loop doesn’t cost anything.
The Loop is a trade. A Stranger for a Stranger.

If there is nothing to connect you to the crime, how can you ever be caught?
The Loop serves the just and the wicked alike.

Grand Prize Winner of the Rhode Island Film International Festival -Best Editing
Horror Origins Film Festival-Official selection
FilmQuest Film Festival-Official Selection

Official Site:

Written By:
Adam Hardman
Production By:
Goodluck Films
Whitney Crowder, Jenette Nelligan, Marisa Sumiko Cohen, and Jeff Auer
Produced By:
Adam Hardman and Whitney Crowder
Music By:
Roman Molino Dunn